Value Creation

Value Creation Daya Group

There are three things that serve as guidelines in the conduct of our business:

1. Uniqueness
Looking for something different, which can make us superior to others.

2. Dominance
How can existing businesses be enlarged without limit.

3. Execution
How can all these plans can be executed.


People, Process and Culture are the three main things that make us, sementaraPartnership and Excellence into his soul. We want to have employees who are good character, passionate, disciplined and tidy. We want to have a process that continues to be refined and standardized through the PDCA and SDCA. And finally, we want to have a culture of clean, transparent and meritocracy.

With commitment and hard work of all employees, we want to continue to grow into a great and beneficial for all stakeholders, as well as contributing the maximum to the nation and the country of Indonesia.